Stander Mobility products are desgined, developed and assembled right here in America. As a fellow family owned business, CESCO Medical is proud to offer their top quality products in-store and online. Whether you need a securtiy pole, grab bar, bed rails, or lightwieght folding walker, we promise to have it in stock. That's the CESCO difference. Add to that a 100% gaurantee by the folks at Stander and you can't go wrong. What are you waiting for? Be independent today!



Bathrooms can be a dangerous place. With wet, often slippery surfaces, those with limited liability have the potential to cause a lot of damage during a fall. Factors such as poor muscle strength and balance are often a challenge that can cause a higher risk in the bathroom. Combine that with an even greater risk of falling for those with previous fall-related injuries like hip fractures and you can see why having a security-pole and grab bar in place becomes so important.


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For those with limited mobility the first and last task of each day can often be the most difficult. Stability for Seniors getting in and out of bed is crucial in preventing falls. Beyond helping with ingress and egress, bed rails and security poles can help with stability while getting dressed, or transferring to a walker, or knee scooter.


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Who doesn't love to relax, especially on a hot summer day. Whether you, or a love enjoy a lift chair, or simply your favorite spot on the couch, assist trays and canes can be a vital aid in ensureing stability as a Senior stands, or transfers to a walker, or wheelchair.


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Making the daily tasks just a little bit easier for those with limited mobility is exactly the reason Stander works so hard to create products that fit so well into our daily lives. From Great Grips to the Fold-N-Go Walker, Stander products are engineered to seemlessly improve daily lving without taking up large amounts of space like many senior living aides.


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